Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Help Break This Cat out of the Joint

Hello there! My name is Whitey. (And yes, I realize I do not have any white on me.)

I’m not quite sure how I got that name, but if any Feds are reading this, I swear I have no relations with recently captured crime boss Whitey Bulger, though we do have one thing in common—we are both behind bars.

Unfortunately for me, I am just an innocent 9-year-old boy looking for a new home.

While at a foster home, I enjoyed head scratches, watching TV in the evening, relaxing on the deck, and long walks on the beach. Wait, scratch that last part, cats don’t like water.

I enjoy being around people and am very social. However, I would prefer to be the only cat in your home. Come visit me and my fellow gangsters—I mean furry friends—at Small Miracles Cat Rescue in Ellicott City. Adoption fee includes spay/neuter and updated shots.

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