Tuesday, July 19, 2011

ADOPTED: Find Good Karma at Small Miracles


Namaste! My name is Karma and I am a stunning young lady. My beautiful, mysterious blue and amber eyes may be the first thing to grab your attention. After all, how could you not be mesmerized by such beauty?

But soon after meeting me, you will be more captivated by my sweet nature and eagerness to play. I melt in your arms as soon as you pick me up and soak up every drop of affection you have to offer. When you put me down, I look right back up at you with my beautiful eyes begging you to play with me.

Like my namesake, I believe that my current actions will influence my future lives. (I do have nine lives you know!) If I am sweet, cuddly and friendly, that means I will get a good home, right? I sure do hope so!

If you think I am the small miracle that will make your family complete, please come visit me at Small Miracles Cat Rescue in Ellicott City.

P.S. You are all invited to Small Miracles Birthday Bash this Saturday!

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