Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Prim, Proper and Full of Affection: Cat of the Week

Why, hello ladies. My name is London and I am one fine young chap. Now let me ask you some questions. Are you tired of your husband not being affectionate enough? Does he expect you to do too much around the house after a long day of work? Does your significant other have a tendency to dress like a bum around the house? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it sounds like you need a little London in your life. My mum taught me well. First of all, men should always be presentable. I always wear my tuxedo. No matter what. No, really, I do. The pattern of my luxurious black and white fur is called a tuxedo coat so you will be guaranteed I’ll always be looking fine. Not getting enough affection? You need a loving cat in your life. I will never say no to a good head or back scratch and would love to curl up happily in your lap. I’ll never turn down your offer for attention. I promise I won’t have unrealistic expectations either. I know you work hard. Just keep my litter box clean and my bowls filled and I won’t complain. I may even follow you around as you clean. Chasing mops are fun, but don’t expect me to stay around for the vacuum cleaner. Please stop by Small Miracles today and visit me!

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