Tuesday, August 16, 2011

ADOPTED: Frannie: Fabulously Furry Feline Looking for Love

Hello! My name is Frannie. I know what you are thinking – I can't decide which is more confused: that girl’s fur or those people down
in Washington trying to figure out that whole debt mess. I may have just about every color fur, but I like it that way!

Now back to politics. I support a good solid health care plan. You just never know where that hairball may get lodged or what plant or other small household object I may eat.

However, I do like to be fiscally conservative. I have nine lives after all so I do need to plan carefully. But hey, even I have to splurge on Fancy Feast from time to time.

I am sweet, loving, get along with everyone and I have just the right amount of catitude. I’m not trying to run for office, but I will run right into your arms if you come visit me at Small Miracles Cat Rescue.

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