Wednesday, August 31, 2011

ADOPTED: Bentley: Cute as a Button and Looking for a Home

Hiya! I’m Bentley and just about as cute as a kitten can be. I’m 5 months old, and because I am older and a little shy compared to all these nutty kittens zipping around, I often get overlooked.

But there is someone that always notices me—I made sure of that. I have the lady who writes these articles wrapped so tightly around my paw.

She is completely smitten by this kitten’s boyish charm. As soon as she opens my cages, I bat my eyes lovingly at her and then roll over. And then I roll over again and again just in case the first time wasn’t cute enough. Then, while lying down, I stretch out my paws toward her and knead them in the air to make myself irresistibly cute and roll over again.

When she finally scoops me up in her arms, I snuggle into her as close as I can, purr, and knead my paws some more. I try my best to convince her not to put me back down.

I don’t know if she likes me more because I have mastered the art of cuteness or because I remind her of her most favorite cat ever. Either way, I hope she convinces you to stop by Small Miracles Cat Rescue and take me home!

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