Wednesday, February 1, 2012

ADOPTED: From a Drainpipe to a Small Miracles: Cat of the Week

Original post date: 10/17/11

Hello all! My name is Brynn and boy am I hoping today is my lucky day.

I wasn’t always so lucky. I used to live in an underground drain pipe with my kittens. I really was an amazing mother and protected my kittens with all my might. I slept at the end of the drain pipe with my babies safe inside to protect them from any threats that came by. Can you even believe kids would even try to poke sticks at them?

When my Small Miracles Rescuers came to get me, I wasn’t feral at all. I went right up to them and showed them just how sweet I can be. My babies have all found homes and now it’s my turn.

You think having such a tough life and being such a great mother would have helped me to get a home by now, right? Well, I am Feline Aids positive and that has scared everyone away. I may have even contracted it protecting my kittens. This doesn’t mean that I am any less deserving of a loving home, I can still live a long, happy life. Click here to read more about Feline Aids. Please come to Small Miracles today and take me home.

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